Wing Feather of the Black Cloud Traders - Elyos

Wings are an item that can be acquired and equipped on a character to increase the maximum allowable flight time. Having an equipped set of wings is not necessary for flight, as all Daevas have natural wings to use. Wing upgrades are equipped by placing the wings in the wing slot in the character profile interface. In addition to providing an increase to maximum flight time, wing upgrades also look better than standard wings.

Wing upgrades are obtained by purchasing them from an NPC vendor called a wing feather tuner. Asmodian players can purchase wings from Huron in Pandaemonium. Elyos players can purchase wing upgrades from Idomeneus in Sanctum. There are currently two wing upgrades available for purchase for each faction. The first is available at level 30 and provides a +30 second increase to flight time. The second is available at level 40 and provides a full +60 seconds of additional flight time. Players who purchased the collector's edition of Aion receive a free set of wings called the [Wing Feather of the Black Cloud Traders], also usable at level 30, but slightly better than the standard level 30 wings.

List of available wing upgrades
Name Level Faction Bought from Price Flight time
[Dayurinrinerk's Wing Feather] 30 Elyos Idomeneus 800,000 +30s
[Wing Feather of Darkness] 30 Asmodian Huron 800,000 +30s
[Wing Feather of the Black Cloud Traders] 30 Both n/a Free* +40s
[Daloshunerk's Wing Feather] 40 Elyos Idomeneus 10,000,000 +60s
[Wing Feather of Abyss] 40 Asmodian Huron 10,000,000 +60s

*Only available to players who purchased the collector's edition of Aion