The Spiritmaster is a Daeva born under the Star of Spirits, and is able to control spirits of Water, Fire, Earth, and Wind. It can call upon these spirits to attack directly, but it can also use indirect tactics such as borrowing the strength of the spirits to weaken an enemy or to inflict fear.

The Elysean Spiritmasters follow the teachings Kaisinel, the Lord of Mirage, while Asmodian Spiritmasters serve Lumiel, the Lady of Wisdom.

Combat Role and AbilitiesEdit

Like the Sorcerer, the Spritmaster uses magic to control the elements of nature: Earth, Wind, Water, and Fire. However, the method of control is much different. Rather than casting spells composed of these elements, the Spiritmaster controls the spirits inhabiting them.

Spiritmasters have less attack magic compared to Sorcerers, making it difficult to directly attack their opponent. Rather than focusing on direct combat with an opponent the Spiritmaster uses elemental spirits to attack them.

The four types of spirits available are very different. Their attacks and defenses are based on the elements they represent. So, depending on the situation, you must summon the right spirit to effectively control the battle.

Another characteristic of the Spiritmaster is the fact that it possesses numerous debuff type skills. These skills inhibit the mobility of a foe while allowing the Spiritmaster to maintain distance. However, like the mesmerizing skills of the Sorcerer, these skills produce high amounts of enmity.

The Spiritmaster’s low health and defense require it to maintain total control during combat. However, while it is not as destructive as the Sorcerer, its pets and various movement impairing spells make it versatile in both solo and party play.