A Quest in Aion is a task given to the player, usually by an NPC character. Quests usually involve killing a certain number of a specific monster, collecting a certain item, or speaking with another NPC, and there is usually a reward of some sort that is given to the player upon successful completion.

Types of QuestsEdit

There are three overall types of quests in Aion: Campaign quests, Standard quests, and Workorder quests. Campaign quests are those that advance the primary storyline of Aion. Campaign quests can be distinguished from the other types because the symbol above the quest giver's head will be yellow, and the quest will be listed under the campaign quests tab in the quest log. Standard quests by comparison are listed under the standard tab of the quest log, and quest givers will have a blue symbol above their head. Standard quests are usually tied in some way to the story but don't play a direct role. Workorder quests are related to crafting, and generally involve having the player craft a specific item.

Quest executionEdit

Quests can be received in one of three ways in Aion. By far the most common way is to speak to an NPC that is offering a quest. These NPCs are known as quest givers, and can be recognized by the yellow or blue symbol above their head. When within range, there will also be a yellow or blue symbol on the minimap inidicating nearby quest givers. To receive a quest from an NPC, the player must talk to them, follow the dialog, and ultimately accept the quest. The second way to receive a quest in Aion is by interaction with a part of the landscape, such as a signpost or wanted poster. Finally, there are certain items that will occasionally be found as loot from various monsters that can begin a quest, usually to bring the object to an NPC. These items can be recognized by reading the item's tooltip. The tooltip will indicate that a quest can be received by double-clicking the item.

Once a quest has been received the player can refer at any time to the quest requirements by checking the quest log (default 'J' key). Clicking on the quest will detail the requirements that must be met for successful completion. The majority of quests will involve killing a specific number of a certain mob, collecting or gathering a specific item or resource, or simply to travel elsewhere and talk to a specific NPC.

Once the requirements for a quest have been completed, the player must talk to a quest receiver to turn in the quest and receive the reward, if any. Once the requirements for a quest have been completed, there will be a symbol shown on the world map showing the location of the quest receiver. It is not necessary to be within range on the minimap to see the location of quest receivers. To turn in the quest, the player must talk to the quest receiver, follow the dialog, and ultimately choose a reward if there is a choice given.

Rewards typically consist of a sum of kinah, experience points, and often some additional loot such as weapons or armor.

Workorder quests are both received from and turned in to the crafting trainer.

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