Dye and petals are items that are used to change the color of a player's armor or clothing. Dye is available in a variety of colors, and one dye can be used to change the color of one armor piece. To change the color of an entire set of armor five dyes will be required, one for each of chest, pants, shoulders, gloves, and boots. A restriction is that draconic, abyss, and unique items cannot be dyed. Once an item has been dyed, the color change is permanent, and can only be removed by re-dyeing the item with [Dye Remover].

Regular DyeEdit

Regular dye can be purchased from an NPC vendor in each faction's capital city. There are four regular dye colors: blue, emerald green, brown, and purple. Dye remover, while not technically a color can also be purchased from the vendor. Players who buy the collector's edition of Aion will receive ten free rich purple dye.

List of dye vendors
Name Faction City Location
Junes Elyos Sanctum 43,76
Kinot Asmodian Pandaemonium 51,33


In addition to dye, another way to change the color of armor is by using petals. Petals function exactly the same was as dye, however they cannot be purchased from a vendor. Petals are obtained by gathering flowers. There is approximately a 3% chance that a petal will be found instead of the normally collected item. Petals are available in a total of 14 different colors, however 7 of these can only be found in Asmodae while the other 7 can only be found in Elysea.

Petals found in AsmodaeEdit

Asmodian petals are available in Royal Blue, Lilac, Golden, Orange, Cyan, Light Yellow, and Bright Cobalt as shown in the following images:

PetalBlue PetalLilac PetalGolden PetalOrange2 PetalCyan PetalLYellow PetalCobalt

Petals found in ElyseaEdit

Elyos petals are available in Lime, Red, Yellow, Burnt Orange, Light purple, Aqua, Gold as shown in the following images:

PetalLime PetalRed PetalYellow PetalOrange PetalPurple PetalAqua PetalGold

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