The Chanter can be explained in two words: commandment and conviction. It rigorously trains the body and mind to become skillful in healing, attacking, and enhancement magic. In addition to its magical abilities, it also possesses exceptional skills involving the use of the staff. The chanter uses mantra magic to inspire the morale of allies, and since it can strengthen abilities, it is the gathering center during battle.

Lady Yustiel, the Guardian of Life, is the master of the Elysean Chanters, while Lord Marchutan, the Controller of Destiny, is served by Asmodian Chanters.

Combat Roles and AbilitiesEdit

The Chanter is similar in personality to the Cleric, but possesses more variety when it comes to physical attack skills. However, it has less mana compared to the Sorcerer, Spiritmaster, or Cleric, all of which use large amounts of mana. This means the Chanter must be careful to make efficient use of its skills even though it tends to use less mana when using them.

Chanters also possesses a variety of buffing, recovery and curing skills, which makes this class very versatile. In particular, the area of buffs, called Mantras, are the Chanter’s trademark skills. This allows a Chanter to not only buff its own abilities, but to also enhance nearby allies as well.

This versatility allows the Chanter to support a party by healing, engaging an enemy to deal damage, or be a back-up tank when equipped with a shield. Its role during combat will be defined by the situations a party finds itself in.

Having the highest efficiency among all the classes for recovery and buffing magic means that in addition to grouping with others, the Chanter can effectively play alone when allies are not around.