The Assassin is a Daeva killing specialist that follows the Star of Death. After hiding itself, an Assassin quietly approaches its enemy and aims for vital spots to inflict great amounts of damage instantly. This is one of the Assassin’s trademark combat skills. Some of the Daeva have criticized them for ambushing defenseless enemies or using poisoned blades. However, the Assassin is necessary in the legions for its battlefield roles of infiltration, disruption, assassination, and more.

Elysean Assassins have been known to follow Vaizel, the Lord of Free Souls, while Asmodian Assassins tend to serve Triniel, the Queen of Death.

Combat Roles and AbilitiesEdit

The Assassin is an offensive class with various acrobatic attack skills that can inflict severe damage on the enemy within a short amount of time.

While their defensive capability is relatively low, Assassins possess exceptional evasion skills. They can perform many counterattacks that can stun opponents and, in some cases, leave them open to attacks from behind.

The Assassin also retains the ability to not only hide in the shadows but in plain sight. This allows the Assassin to get the jump on their opponents and inflict massive amounts of damage before they are even noticed.

The trademark skills for Assassins are their ability use Pattern Engraving on their enemies. Once several patterns have been placed on an enemy, the Assassin can utilize various skills to remove them. Patterns contain varying degrees of damage and status debuffs, and once removed these effects are applied directly to the enemy.

When it comes to weapons, the Assassin excels at usingDaggers and Swords. While not a specialty of the Assassin, Bowscan also be used. Leather is the preferred type of armor, as it does not interfere with the Assassin’s ability to perform their various acrobatic attacks.