Situated in the desolate wastelands of Brusthonin the stronghold of Adma was once a mighty structure of the Asmodian people. Long since corrupted by the evil that has infested Brusthonin its steel gates remain barred, hidden behind a wall of undead peasants who attempt to enter it to this very day.

Entrance Into AdmaEdit

Entrance into Adma stronghold is obtained via the Brusthonin campaign chain

  • Meet the Reapers
    • Graves of the Red Sky Legion
      • The Secret Passage
        • The Secret of Adma Stronghold

Upon completing this quest series you will be able to gain passage into Adma through the Stronghold itself, a seemingly impenetrable fortress stalked by Vampires and Banshees

Adama Stronghold Walkthrough=Edit

After making your entrance into Adma you will find a main chamber directly ahead, chances are you will need to clear both sides of the room before making your way to its center. There will be a couple 3-pulls in this chamber so be sure to have CC ready, chances are your cleric doesn't really want to be zerged by Vampires.


After killing our lovely Bard friend at the end of the chamber you will acquire the Library Key, now here is where content becomes optional. You may either proceed behind the baron and to the right towards the Library and make a bee-line for the exit or stay in this chamber and grab some additional content. For the purposes of this guide we'll assume your group wants to do the full run.

On that note hop back down into the main hallway, you will notice two sidepaths (one on each side) heading into the basement. If you're in a rush just hover over your minimap on both sides until you find Steward Gutorum, his spawn location varies so be sure to check both.

Once you've find the correct side pop down the path, do watch out for roving zombies which can and will spawn on your party as you head down. These monsters are not invisible they actually trigger spawn so seeing invis wont help you here.


Watch out for roving patrols and you should be fine, try to keep the pulls around 2-3 mobs or things could get hairy if your party is low-level or poorly geared. Clear as much of the room as you need until the Steward is pullable, burst him down and be sure to acquire the Inner Chamber Key.

Head back up to where the Bard was and pass through the left passageway and, gasp, hang a left. You will be encountered with a locked door, your Inner Chamber Key will open this. Be wary of poison gas in this hallway, the gas makes multiple appearances throughout the instance and while only causing slight damage it also gives movement impairments. You cannot dodge this gas except as sorcerer with blind leap (risky) nor can it be dispelled even with clerics.


You'll want to hang right through this room although the first pull will most likely be a three-pull (Two templars and a banshee) Do be vigilant for the banshee fear which can easily cause a wipe if you're group isn't prepared for it. Once you make it to the next room you'll find, surprise surprise, more Vampires!


While you can bee-line through this chamber it only takes one careless person to pull the entire room, unless your group is good at that sort of technique clearing a good side is properly the safest bet. Pretty straight-forward, simply proceed to the next chamber.

Do note that there's also a door on the left, this door is currently locked to your group.


Oh mah gawd if I had rolled a female character I'd want that dress.... moving on! Princess Karemiwen will be guarded by a small army of banshee's and temptresses (which have thankfully been cleared for this screenshot) You will need to kill every single one of the mobs in this chamber before beginning the battle. Yes you can cut through and get to her directly but that's going to end in defeat.

Once you have cleared the chamber you will notice two interact-able objects, these being the Tarnished Incense Burner & Ntuamu's Teddy Bear. Make sure your group knows exactly where they're situated. Once that's done feel free to pull the boss and begin your glorious tank and spank. What's this... a debuff that cannot be dispelled?!?!@?

Fear not because this is where those two objects come in, the Princess has two major debuffs (they effect Healing/HP Loss, Mana Regen/Casting Time depending on which she does) which you cannot ignore if you intend to win. Those two objects mentioned earlier each dispell a debuff, much like the ghost fight in Steel Rake. Your entire party will need to run to the correct object, only one person has to use it but if you are not within the immediate range you wont be cured.

  • Tarnished Incense Burner - Mental Tremor (blue)
  • Ntuamu's Teddy Bear - Deep Wound (red)

Upon clearing your debuff drag her back to the center of the room until she does another, the casting order is random. If you're lucky she may even drop that dress she's wearing, female characters only mind you! The princess will also drop the Main Hall Key.

[[Image:Imageadama5.jpg|thumb|The Main Hall Doorway

Time to head back and go through that locked door mentioned earlier, you will travel down a short hallway only to find yourself in a circular chamber packed with mobs. In the center of this room lies the next key guardian, Templar Taliesin. Templar Taliesin - Key Guardian and Fashion Extraordinaire! Waitwha...

Once you've cleared enough monsters to pull him you will notice he has drops yet another key, now this is where things get tricky. The Templar may drop one of three keys, he'll usually either drop the Treasury or Servant's Quarters key however this is a chance for the Main Dining Room also. This guide will detail the most... painful of rooms, that being the Main Dining Room. The Main Dining Room - A thousand trainpulls await you.

Upon clearing the outer guards you will probably notice your minimap is a sea of red, your group will very carefully need to jump down to the left rather than go down the stairs or attempt to pull monsters out of the room. You will land in a three-pack of monsters which is by far the easiest route.

After clearing these rooms you should be able to avoid the two banshees on the wall by jumping over the table, hang to the left side until you get to Butler Luitart. Burst that lovely chap down and steal his key, this will allow you into the sewers (The door to which is on the other side of the circular room) When did I start watching Claymore? Oh this is Aion... mmkay.

Head back out and across the hallway until get to the sewer entrance, now is a good time for a breather should your group need one. Things become fast paced after this! Once that's done prepare to head downwards... My oh my, hello there you dashing sorcerer you.

Backshots of my character aside be sure to have your tank head down first, when you land two waves of zombies will spawn and attempt to ambush your group. They're pretty squishy so AoEing them down should be fine. You'll want to hang a right out of this chamber and proceed towards the end... Ominous hallway is... ominous.

Now at this point you have two choices, fight your way through or charge to the end and take a few deaths at the doorway to the final boss. After which your healer(s) can self res and bring the group up. You'll loose a bit of XP but in-exchange gain 10+ minutes of time. Considering my group was 50's we skipped this part by charging through with our templar leading the way, you basically follow the path until you get into a large square chamber with the slime in the middle. At this point you can hang a hard right and run through a hole in the wall up to the next floor. Hanging right again and heading even further up will bring you to a room with a slowing gas chamber and two paths, at this point you would head left and up to Lord Lannok. A video of this runthrough technique can be found here. Bearing in mind that the strategy for downing the boss shown there no longer works due to patches from 1.2-1.5 Lord Lannok - He's sleeping on the horse btw.

At this point I leave you to your own devices, there are many strategies to kill Lannok and they all vary depending on your class-makeup and gear. Best of luck and should you defeat the Castle's Seigneur then congratulations on defeating Adma Stronghold.

Guide Written By Cynic @ Aionsource


The Alquimia Research Center

Buried deep within the icy plains of Besulan lies a lepharist encampment, a research center experimenting on things that should not be meddled with. Daeves are born not created though, for now at least...

Enterance to the Alquimia Research Center is restricted to those up to the middle of A Spy Among the Lepharists (The quest will mention a power generator at this point, if you have that it means you're far enough in) Naturally those that have cleared the quest may also still enter.

(Note: A Missing Father must be completed before you are able to take A Spy Among the Lepharists. A level 40 requirement is also in-place.)



Alquimia Research Center - Enterance

Surrounded by a swarm of elites the Alquimia Research Center is no place to approach if you're unprepared, roving ranger patrols and invisible mobs set the scene for a rather painful trap. Mortal blow x 3 = XP bar moving the wrong way. Go figure.

Once you have entered the research center you'll be confronted with a rather crowded initial chamber. With several patrols making their way around the small room it's far too easy to chain-agro so here's hoping you have a semi-competent party! Templars are a big bonus in this instance too with Inescapable Judgment being an invaluable asset for avoiding super agro.

Once you've taken out any patrols within your range, be sure to check the radar for agro bubbles before you pull to avoid getting ZOMGZERGED, hang a left until you get to the first keykeeper. You will need to clear the mobs on the right-hand side of this tunnel before going to the boss. Hugging the aquarium tank, which is strangely lacking in fish... don't want to know, should allow you to avoid any agro from the left.

Researcher Zoiks - Featuring some rather dashing green hair I must say.

Have your tank pull the mob into the corner and blast him into dust. He will drop the first key allowing you to open that scary door I showed above. Researcher Zoiks should drop pretty fast, assuming you don't have a trigger-happy Spiritmaster things should go smoothly.

After clearing through the main door with your newly found key proceed down the hallway. Be sure to have your Sorc or Ranger/Assassin pop their see-invis skills first as there are two hidden mobs in this hallway to catch the weary stranger. If you're super careless this hallway can easily become a four-pull courtesy of a wandering patrol.

You will now be confronted with three possible routes, the left path leads to four monsters while the right leads to about eight. Be sure to check both as rare spawns, names needed since they refused to spawn when I was writing this guide >.>, can appear instead of regular mobs. Once you're done with this section carry on down the middle path until confronted with yet another forked path. You'll want to hang a right here and then another in the room itself, needless to say wiping the floor with any mobs that get in your way.

Key Protector Nimue & one of her lackeys. I wish I had tables like that... =/

After defeating that ever so charming lass and claiming her key it's time to head back to that fork in the road and take the other path. This chamber is ever so fondly referred to as the Daevic Genesis Lab

So many test tubes... so little time.

Now this chamber can and often will hold a few pleasant little surprises for adventurers. Not only do several quest chains tie into this but your primary campaign, A Spy Among the Lepharists, has quite an important pitstop here. To your left you will spot the Research Center Power Generator.

The Power Generator, usually spinning furiously to power the entire research center.

As with most game objects you'll need to burst this done with your beastly 1DPS, assassins are quite handy here although it goes down fast enough regardless. Your campaign will now instruct you to set off the flare, that can be left until you're finished. Now if you're super lucky you may find a rather dashing prisoner in the corner test tube, that being the ever-so-perplexing RA-121ex Characterized by his flaming chest he has quite a high probability to drop one of the infamous level 42 skillbooks along with level 44 green weapons.

Once you've cleared this room you'll notice a pretty impressive wall, behold it's not a wall or a plane, it's a door!

The path is open... ominous fog is ominous.

Progressing up this ever so spooky path you will find yourself in the core of the instance, the Lepharist Sanctuary.

This could get... messy.

Your group has two options now, you can either charge forward banners held high into battle taking down the lepharists in packs of 2-4 or you can put Assassins to shame and sneak around the side. For your first run I'd probably advise the middle path, nothing more frustrating than a Spiritmaster's pet fuubaring your ninja efforts and pulling fifteen mobs!

Once you've finally made it to the end of this ever so well-furnished chamber it's time to take on High Priest Esras, unfortunately not of hero ranking it's a pretty light tank/spank kill but hey who are we to complain about an easy ride?

High Priest Esras - She looks happy to see us... right?

Burst that lovely lady down and hope for some loot, you might get lucky! Praise above you're finally done, if you're still on A Spy Among the Lepharists you'll need to head back to the start and teleport out. Activating your quest flare outside will trigger a cutscene almost bringing your campaign to a close.

Congratulations, you've completed The Alquimia Research Center! Don't get used to such a relaxed instance though, they get a lot harder after this

Guide Written By Cynic @ Aionsource