Air Battle ship deffence and offense toward the forts!!!! and equipment to attack the ships and destroy them from the air. --- somehow give the Shield a similar healthbar to the gate, to give people more ways to attack and more ways to defend. Buildable by anyone at max professions, abbys point obtained. over 100k to make it worth it, BUT only usable for repairing and adding additional defensive and offensive air ships. The large mothership is the ones you will have at the start, and the makeable ones will be small with 1/6th of the motherships normal health, same dmg abilitys as the motherships, but faster speed. not controlable by factions, and usable in dredgion defense. In Dredgion defens, you are required to be able to survive to its attacks. However the dredgion 1 shots = ) so u will be needing a field. which requires 10 Defense stones, which will be expensive. Just a thought i came up with = P seemed fun to me.


During the Cataclysm, the Tower of Eternity was shattered. When this occurred Atreia was sundered into two halves, leaving a base for the tower on each half of the world. Between the tower’s bases a great disharmonious resonance began to flow. This is where the Abyss lies.

After centuries have passed, the two factions, Elysean and Asmodian, began to discover entry points into the realm of the Abyss from their homelands. Many of the expeditions sent to explore these gates never returned. Finally, gates to permanent portions of the Abyss were found. These are now known as an Abyssal Gate. This part of the Abyss was soon to be called Reshanta.

In the lower portion of the Reshanta both the Elysean and Asmodians have set up large fortresses in which to stage their conquering of the Abyss. To the north east the Asmodians have settled Primum Landing, within an ancient fortress revived to house their Archons. In the south west, the Elysean forces have built a shining fortress among the ruins Teminon Landing to house their Legionaires.

Within the Abyss the Asmodians and Elyos have not only each other to face but the denizens of Reshanta as well. This includes the Balaur who have found there way back to the realm of Atreia. Using their Dredgion Battleships, the Balaur are able to reach the whole of the Abyss.

Entering the AbyssEdit

Abyss 2

In order to enter the Abyss both factions require that you complete a series of tests to prove your knowledge, strength, and ableness to survive the harsh environment of the Abyss. These tests are given to you when you reach level 25, and upon completion of the final test you will be able to use the one of the Abyss gates available to you.

Safety in the AbyssEdit

Abyss 3Abyss 13

The gates will lead to your faction’s main fortifications within the Abyss. Because of the aetheric fields surrounding each factions fortress, this will be the only safe place for you while venturing here. You will be able to find the same amenities within these forts as with any other major city or town in Atreia. You will also have access to Abyss Point Contribution vendors that sell various items useful for defending yourself in the harsh environment.

Fortresses and ArtifactsEdit

Abyss 9

Fortresses are the footholds within the Abyss. When under control of a player faction, that faction will have access to various ameneties allowing them easier access to supplies closer to the frontlines of battle. In order to take control of a fortress a siege must be laid on it and the it’s Guardian must be defeated.

Abyss 10

Artifacts are strategic points throughout the Abyss. When under the control of the Asmodian or Elysean forces they can be used to inflict a number of varying effects on the opposing faction. These can be anything from damage to movement impairing affects. Controlling the artifacta near fortresses can be the deciding factor in a castle siege. However, the Artifacts are not required to be under controll in order to take or maintain a fortresses ownership.

Dredgion BattleshipsEdit

Abyss 11

In an effort to destroy the forces of the Elyos and Asmodians, the Five Balaur Lords have sent their Dredgion battleships to wreak havoc within the Abyss. These powerful monstrosities carry weapons that can fire on Daevas who get to close, blasting them from the skies. They also are the troop carriers for the Balaur and carry thousands of Baluar soldiers to drop as they please throught the Abyss.In order to defeat the the Dredgion, the Elyos and Asmodian forces must find a way to enter it and destroy it from within.

Exiting the AbyssEdit

Abyss 12

Each landing has three portals that will allow you to leave the Abyss. Each of these portals will take you to their corresponding zones depending upon where you may need to go to either meet with your legion and friends, or to continue your adventures in another zone.